Reed Diffuser

Our Luxury Reed Diffusers are made with high quality base and fragranced products to give you the perfect distribution of long lasting fragrance. we have 3 colours available in Matte black, Matte white and Matte Gold bottles and all come with black rattan Reeds. 

Use between 6 - 8 Reeds to get the full effect. The more reeds you use then the more fragrance will be released. If you would like a less subtle fragrance then use less reeds but do not put in more than 8. 

If you have a larger room then you may need to consider 2 diffusers to create a strong fragrance. 

Turn your reeds at least 1 per week to give a new release of fragrance. 

Do not sit your reed diffuser on polished or painted surfaces and should any spillages occur, wipe up immediately.