Below you will find a list of FAQ's 

What is a scent throw?

Scent throw is the fragrance that you can smell either cold scent throw or hot scent throw. Hot scent throw is the scent you smell once they wax melt has been liquified through the use of a warmer and tealight or an electric warmer. 

Why can i not smell scent?

Hopefully you should not experience this very often however sometimes you will find that some scents are more subtle than others, sometimes the room that you are trying to fragrance may be too large for 1 warmer, ensure that windows and doors are closed as this will intensify the fragrance throw. 

Should i use an electric warmer or tealight warmer?

There are pro's and cons of both types of warmer. An electric warmer will not be as intense bursts of fragrance however you will tend to find the melts have longer lasting time period. where as a tealight burner tends to give a stronger fragrance immediately however this tends to burn off the fragrance and give the melt a shorter life. Sometimes you may find an electric burner is not as strong with melts due to 100% soy wax, if you experience a lack of scent try burning the wax melt using a tealight burner. If in any doubt please contact us. 

What is in a wax melt?

All our wax melts are made with natural wax as we want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Due to this you may experience a slight blemish or frosting on your wax but please be assured that this will not affect your burning of the wax in anyway. The only other ingredients in our wax is Fragrance oil, Dye to colour the wax and mica powder and glitter. Our products are all handmade and we always take pride in the products we supply. 

How can I receive my order?

We have 3 options for receiving your order

Standard delivery - UK mainland 2nd class signed for delivery service- cost £4.95 if order is over £40 then delivry will be free. 

Local delivery - This option is only available to orders over £25. Cost will be £2.50 and is up to a radius of 8 miles. 

Collection - This is available for customers wishing to collect within 24 hours of the goods being dispatched. All collections will be from our business address highlighted on your receipt.